About Us



Was established on March 30, 1992 engaged in sawmilling and woodworking business. Management in the first generation of the company saw that rubber wood is an economic plant. Can make a sustainable business. It has been planted for a period of time and grown throughout the country. Another important is We are proud to be a part of strengthening the country’s economy and help rubber farmers.

2007 “Wooden pallets” have been added to the production line due to the raw material obtained from the wood processing. And increase the value of wood. It is an IPPC approved pallet.

2010 “Sawmill and Dry Sawn Timber” SK2 has created sawmilling and timber extraction capacity. To meet the needs of the growing market of lumber.

2015 “Wood Pellet” Biomass Fuel Pellets The environmentally friendly production line is made from sawdust. Used to compress and export to many countries.